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Posts : 114
Join date : 2016-09-24
Age : 17
Location : fuck off you stalker

Postcontrolla on Sun Sep 25, 2016 1:00 pm



I. NSFW Content
No NSFW at all, whether in a roleplay or a general off-topic thread. This may be a PG-13 roleplaying site, but no rated R content.

II. Graphic Violence
No extreme gore/violence is allowed, roleplaying/non-roleplaying matters alike. This includes but is not limited to, realistic images, and descriptions. Drawn gore/violence is allowed but has to be placed in BBcode spoilers.

III. Excessive Swearing
This is allowed, but do not swear excessively or to offend anyone.

IV. Applying for the Staff Team
You may not apply unless you have been a member for a month or longer. Exceptions may be made if a specific player has the trust of the administration, due to deep-rooted relationships. Asking for staff will decrease your chance at being accepted into the staff team, this also follows for advertising or mentioning your open application anywhere on the site. Similarly, if caught advertising or mentioning your application on another website or Do That Roleplay Thing's Minecraft server, it will also decrease your chances.

V. Controversial (etc.) Topics
No illegal or immoral actions may be discussed. Examples of this include: piracy of copyrighted media; theft; selling illegal products; or threatening individuals or organisations. However, in roleplays—AND ROLEPLAYS ONLY—the discussion of drugs and alcohol is allowed. But only if the roleplay host allows it. If said host allows it, this privilege is to be used at a minimum.

VI. The Chatbox
The use of the Chatbox is a privilege, not a right. This means to act appropriately if you choose to use it. That means, no advertising ANY links in the Chatbox—aside from a thread on this website, excluding staff applications—no misbehaving in the Chatbox: talking about sexual actions (or genitalia) and absolutely no racial or homophobic slurs, etc. Along this, we do not allow any non-staff members to use colors in the Chatbox.

VII. Respect and Courtesy
Please, have respect for others, especially staff. We're all here to have fun and to relax. Let the staff do their job. Simply telling someone not to do something that is against the rules is okay, but do not berate (yell at) them for doing so. Respecting the privacy of staff, and players alike is very important. If they don't want to give you information that is not in their comfort zone, please do not press them for it. It's called common courtesy.

VIII. Spamming
Please, don't spam, whether it be in the Chatbox, on a profile page or within a thread. Double posting is fine and multiple posting is, too, in the case of creating a new thread (especially roleplays). However, deliberately flooding the forum and threads with countless off-topic messages could become an issue. The same goes for using huge fonts, copious emoticons and astronomically large signatures.

IX. Plagiarism
Do not, under any circumstances, copy anyone on this forum's work--whether it be a roleplay, character or any idea--without explicit permission from the original creator. If you receive permission from anyone, it would be ideal to supply evidence (a link or image, etc.) of given permission.

X. Using Colours
As stated above, we do not allow non-staff members to use colours. On that note, please do not use the colours for thread titles. We would rather only prefixes and threads we sticky have colourful titles, in order to catch attention.

XI. Bumping Threads
As of 14/02/17, bumping up topics is disallowed and discouraged from the forum completely. It's a small and, therefore, unnecessary to repetitively push your thread up to the top when it's only really one or two down on the thread list. If it's gone onto the next page, then I wouldn't even bother wasting your time grave-digging if I were you. Exceptions may be made in unwritten circumstances.

XII. Username Changes
On this website, there are many features for you to use at your disposal and at your own will. One of these features happens to be being able to change your username at a moment's notice. Whilst this feature is understandably enjoyable, as I myself have used it in the past, we feel that users constantly bouncing around between different usernames is a source of confusion for other members. As a result of this, to make things more simpler and organized, it's been decided that if you are a regular member, you must ask permission to change your name. As well as this, there is also a period of time you have to wait before changing your username again. If you intend to revert back to your previous name, the waiting time is 15 days. If you choose to change to a completely different name, the waiting period is 30 days. Staff members do not have to ask permission to change their names, however, the waiting times still apply to them regardless. We felt this was the best way to avoid confusion whilst still giving you freedom and creativity. If there are any questions or queries, feel free to comment below.

Rules are not limited to those posted.
Punishments and more rules will be written in later, this is all we have verified for now.


Last edited by controlla on Sat Feb 18, 2017 2:42 pm; edited 16 times in total (Reason for editing : Tidied display.)
Posts : 114
Join date : 2016-09-24
Age : 17
Location : fuck off you stalker

Postcontrolla on Sat Feb 18, 2017 2:43 pm

Please be aware of the recent changes and additions to the rules.

SITE RULES Tumblr_inline_og8f2e04zk1up8e9w_540 SITE RULES Tumblr_og6lm6lxTw1vfow60o1_250 SITE RULES Tumblr_inline_ogc1qf1hkr1up8e9w_540
SITE RULES Tumblr_inline_og8gp0EWCI1up8e9w_540  SITE RULES Tumblr_inline_ogacre2qhM1up8e9w_540  SITE RULES Tumblr_og69stkuqG1vfow60o4_75sq  SITE RULES Tumblr_og69stkuqG1vfow60o1_75sq SITE RULES QY19nZh
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