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Postasteri on Wed Nov 02, 2016 8:31 pm

┏━ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━┓

[semi-literate] -- "treatment" • accepting A806ce55a3

i. synopsis

-----The year is 2050. You're a teenager who has suffered a traumatic event and, as a result, is severely injured. Whether it was days, months, or years ago, you've been admitted to a professional general hospital, named the International Center for Advanced Medicine. It'a a very famous place--winning several awards, and it is visited by people all over the world. Furthermore, you are here to undergo treatment for your injury or mental disorder. Sometimes it'll be in the form of surgery or an injection, and other times only a few tests are required. Every patient at ICAM is in a certain bracket, which is a group depending on the the severity of their illness.
-----Bracket one is a cluster of patients who have either just entered the hospital, or have diseases that are easier to cure. If you are in this group, you receive daily check-ups, which include fitness tests, blood tests, and other quick exams. Your schedule isn't packed, leaving a lot of time for you to engage in free-time events. The teens in Bracket two are watched more closely, and receive therapy often.Your injuries are rather serious, though not exactly fatal. Locks are put on the doors of your bedrooms, and you are taken in for scans and procedures around twice a day. Often, this Bracket's patients start to fall into a cycle of depression, as they fear being moved to Bracket three. If you've been caught self-harming or your disease is too terrible to even cure, you will most likely be placed in the dreaded Bracket three. You're barely able to interact with others, and, you are trapped inside the four-way walls of a lifeless room. Everywhere you go, there is someone supervising you--and there's no way out of it. The doctors seem to value you too much, constantly around you. Quarantined and restrained, you probably want to end your life, but the ICAM staff would do anything to keep you alive.
-----However, the hospital is even worse than you think. Sometime during your experience there, you are given the "treatment", a surgery that kills some of your DNA and then, the doctors insert a chemical into your bloodstream that gives you odd, incredible abilities. You notice unexplained side affects and scars the morning you wake up after the procedure. On that day and beyond, you change bit by bit, and so does the way you're taken care of. Your parents are told that you are deceased, and you can no longer contact them or anyone, for that matter. The patients who have the least amount of hope left are given the rarest powers, while those who are recovering are gifted with just as interesting, but a little more common ones.
-----The ICAM building seems to close in around you, your freedom restricted. No matter what Bracket you have been put in, you're endangered and tortured, part of an unknown experiment. In a hospital-turned laboratory, full of unsolved mysteries.

ii. rules

• First and foremost, submit all applications to @Kyoki via conversation. I will approve all submitted applications when they are sent, and if they are accepted then you will be instructed to post on the official roleplay thread. If alterations are needed, they will be suggested in order to give you a better shot at obtaining the position you desire. Any applications posted on this thread without a conversation sent beforehand will be declined.
• You may reserve a character, although it will expire three days after your initial reservation. If you post a character within the following day, it won't be accepted until another twenty-four hours have passed.
Follow all website rules. An instant removal of your role will take place if any of these rules are broken. Swearing is allowed, but should be minimal.
Making your character perfect is strictly prohibited. This includes having your character control other characters' actions. Please include flaws in your character sheet and whilst roleplaying.
• Do not complain of being ignored when you are not posting or involving yourself.
• Inform the owners of any absences exceeding three days. Failure to do so will result in a character termination.
• This roleplay is semi-literate, so two to three paragraphs with correct grammar is mandatory. However, novel-like responses are not ideal. The "I had writer's block" excuse will be accepted occasionally, but this can't be used all the time. Warnings for illiteracy will be given where appropriate.
No arguments. While I, Kyoki, am the owner of this roleplay, whatever I say will go ahead. No further discussion is needed.
• Direct any question or queries to me in a private conversation.
• You may not prearrange romantic relationships prior to the date the roleplay commences. They should occur naturally. However, if there is a relationship that is incorporated into your character's personality and biography, then that's fine. It must be confirmed with the other roleplayer though.
• You are welcome to contribute to the story line to enhance the experience for the other roleplayers, you and myself.
Do not make the roleplay all about you or only interact with a small selection of people. Involve others and be fair.
• If genders grow extremely uneven, I will close down applications with that particular gender. However, I won't enforce this rule too strictly.
• All races, genders and gender identities are obviously welcome. The diversity is greatly preferred.
• Ensure that your chosen face claim appropriately matches with their nationality and age.
• Please do not copy the roleplay's staff members or anyone else participating.
• Three strikes and you're out.
• Please try to be kind and civil. Blatant disrespect will result in an immediate character termination.

iii. characters


name - age - gender - submitted (☑) or reserved (☐)
name - age - gender - submitted (☑) or reserved (☐)
name - age - gender - submitted (☑) or reserved (☐)
name - age - gender - submitted (☑) or reserved (☐)
name - age - gender - submitted (☑) or reserved (☐)


name - age - gender - submitted (☑) or reserved (☐)
name - age - gender - submitted (☑) or reserved (☐)
name - age - gender - submitted (☑) or reserved (☐)
name - age - gender - submitted (☑) or reserved (☐)


Dawn Parker - 15 - female - submitted (☑)
name - age - gender - submitted (☑) or reserved (☐)
name - age - gender - submitted (☑) or reserved (☐)

iv. format
(Remove information in parentheses.)

Full Name:
Appearance (Provide a realistic face-claim):
Have they received their ability yet? (Yes or No):
Ability (Only one, and the rarity of this power depends on their bracket):
Bracket (One, two, or three):
Diseases/Disorders (Only two disorders/diseases maximum):
Other Information:

┗━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ━┛​

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Postasteri on Wed Nov 02, 2016 8:41 pm

These are just brief notes for my character. The face-claim I am using for her is Emilia Clarke.

[semi-literate] -- "treatment" • accepting 8bfa466eea


[ FEMALE ]xxxxxx[ FIFTEEN ]xxxxxx[ BISEXUAL ]


xxxDawn Angelina Parker isn't the average fifteen-year-old girl, and even saying she's weird or psycho is an understatement. If you look beyond her joyful, fake smile and carefully crafted facade, you'll find pure insanity. She is rarely found rested on her hospital bed and staring at the empty, white sky made of pristine ceiling tiles. Despite constantly wishing to be dead, Dawn is full of life, and energy she feels she does not deserve. However, the absence of happiness causes her to fall deeper into depression. The blonde often leaves saddening notes on the walls of her room, in black paint. Many of these messages are questions, Dawn constantly asking others if she should remain alive, or why she can't be "sane" like the other patients supposedly are, through her own messy writing.

xxxThough she is very feisty, Dawn has several fears, including extreme claustrophobia. When inside a small space for an extended period of time, she will begin to freak out and cry for help, acting like she will die if kept inside any longer. This is one of the reasons why she has a desire for immediate freedom, and is usually caught attempting to exit the hospital building at least once a day. Dawn can sometimes be social, because was fairly popular and almost always surrounded by friends before the kidnapping happened. She will only talk openly to those she completely trusts, but at least she doesn't let herself drown in unspoken thoughts.

xxxDawn's primary illness is severe panic disorder, a psychiatric disorder in which debilitating anxiety and fear arise frequently and without reasonable cause. Seeing certain things can trigger memories of her past, which cause her to have panic attacks. Dawn usually self-harms after each outburst, feeling overly stressed and guilty of scaring the nurses and patients. She pretty much blames herself for her illness. The disorder also creates a sensation of what is going on in her nightmares or visions actually happening to her sleeping form. So, when she dreams about her brutal abduction, she actually suffers the same pain that struck her, when she was forced to inflict herself with numerous burns and cuts.

xxxDawn remembers this event clearly, her kidnapper blackmailing her by saying if she didn't lock herself in the basement closet, and repeatedly abuse herself, he would immediately capture her younger sister, Cait. Believing his threat, she did, and now does the same frequently with any sharp object she can locate, as she thinks the agony is appropriate. When possible, she hides her new scars and burns, similar to the ones she obtained from the aforementioned experience, under a jumper and tight black leggings.

xxxBecause she is a hazard to surrounding patients, Dawn was moved from hospital to hospital, about once a week, before being transferred to the International Center for Advanced Medicine, the place where she now resides. It had been an unpredictable panic attack including a suicide attempt--Dawn taking an abundance of another person's pills, and nearly jumping from a second floor window--that turned the well-thought-out plan of switching her to the ICAM into a definite reality. She was driven there, that very night, along with an "emo" male, and another female who fell unconscious soon after entering the van. Kicking and screaming furiously, at three in the morning, she was admitted to the medical center. Doctors, nurses, and other staff repeatedly reassured her, as they moved the stretcher that her small body was placed on down the seemingly endless corridors. After being inside her new room, within the Bracket Three ward for a couple hours, she started crying softly. She then stabbed herself in many places with a large piece of sharp plastic--from a water cup that she intentionally broke. Her wounds were taken care of once a nurse found her, and she was sedated against her will just seconds later.

xxxFast forward to today, Dawn has been at the ICAM for two years and counting, and is still part of the dreaded Bracket Three. She is bound to receive her "treatment" surgery very soon, and will be gifted the rare ability of darkness and mist manipulation. Dawn will be tested usually at night, since that is when she is the most powerful.

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